pedestrian crossing

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pedestrian crossing

Brit a path across a road marked as a crossing for pedestrians

Pedestrian Crossing


a structure, or a section of a roadway, that allows pedestrians to cross roads safely.

Street-level pedestrian crossings are usually set up at street and road intersections and in places of heavy pedestrian traffic. Such crossings are designated by signs, markings on the roadway, protective barriers, and the like. On main roads with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic, vehicles and pedestrians cross at different levels by means of underground tunnels. Stairways provide entrance to tunnels less than 5 m deep, and escalators are used for deeper ones; ramps are sometimes installed. The tunnel is at least 3 m wide and 2.3 m high, with a stairway entrance width of 2 m.

In some cases, systems of underground crossings and concourses are necessary. Such systems connect several intersections and urban transport stops with railroad terminals, subway stations, and important public buildings. Examples are the complexes of crossings beneath Komsomolskaia Square in Moscow and beneath the square of the Opera in Vienna.


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Luckily, she survived the accident; however, Emr must immediately install a pedestrian signal," Durga's Indian employer said.
The engineers wired separate relay cables between the computers and the accessible pedestrian signal pushbuttons for the visually impaired that activate voice messages.
Key words: accessible pedestrian signals, animated eyes, blindness, crosswalk signals, low vision, low-vision pedestrians, pedestrians, recognition distance, traffic icons, vision rehabilitation.
Arizona is using a portion of its Highway Safety Improvement Program funding for installation of countdown pedestrian signal heads throughout the State.
He said the new pedestrian signals would minimise such incidents and added that the municipality was planning to instal the countdown system at other intersections in the city in the near future.
For example, when ADOT participated in an FHWA-sponsored RSA case study for the city of Phoenix, one of the audit team's suggested countermeasures was to improve the accessibility of a pushbutton for a pedestrian signal at the entrance to a high school.
6 million over the next 2 1/2 years to install accessible pedestrian signals at no fewer than 80 intersections in the metropolitan area.
Other measures implemented include annual pedestrian safety audits, "road diets" (reconfiguring a four-lane undivided street, with two lanes in each direction, to two travel lanes, a center turnlane, and two bike lanes) in at least five locations, addition of a countdown feature to some pedestrian signals, and continuance of sidewalk retrofit projects in developed areas that were lacking adequate or safe pedestrian walkways.
This contract includes all items related to signal housings: completely assembled traffic signal heads, completely assembled pedestrian signal heads, visors, backplates, and backplates with retroreflective tape.
Cambridge officials decided to make the numerical countdown legend standard, along with light-emitting diode (LED) international symbols, in its pedestrian signal heads.
It was unclear what the pedestrian signal was showing when she entered the crosswalk, Detective Billy Bustos said.