pedestrian crossing

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pedestrian crossing

Brit a path across a road marked as a crossing for pedestrians

Pedestrian Crossing


a structure, or a section of a roadway, that allows pedestrians to cross roads safely.

Street-level pedestrian crossings are usually set up at street and road intersections and in places of heavy pedestrian traffic. Such crossings are designated by signs, markings on the roadway, protective barriers, and the like. On main roads with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic, vehicles and pedestrians cross at different levels by means of underground tunnels. Stairways provide entrance to tunnels less than 5 m deep, and escalators are used for deeper ones; ramps are sometimes installed. The tunnel is at least 3 m wide and 2.3 m high, with a stairway entrance width of 2 m.

In some cases, systems of underground crossings and concourses are necessary. Such systems connect several intersections and urban transport stops with railroad terminals, subway stations, and important public buildings. Examples are the complexes of crossings beneath Komsomolskaia Square in Moscow and beneath the square of the Opera in Vienna.


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A Pedestrian Crosswalk Control under the Condition of City Road Traffic Capacity Calculation and Simulation Effect Evaluation
The increased number of bicyclists on Roscoe Boulevard from Van Nuys Boulevard to Reseda Boulevard has frightened drivers as the bike riders all are on the sidewalk whizzing by pedestrians and blowing through pedestrian crosswalks at more than 10 mph.
A pedestrian crosswalk on the 120-foot wide street could cause long delays on the busy street.
SPRINGFIELD - The City Council is backing plans to build a new pedestrian crosswalk across Main Street this summer, despite objections from two nearby businesses.
It was Dave who led the fight almost four years ago to get a pedestrian crosswalk at a busy intersection where a car had hit and killed one of his friends, 83-year-old Alma Garris.
The project will consist of milling operations, the addition of a roundabout center island and the associated striping at the intersection of McKenzie Avenue and 3rd Court, paving, and the relocation of a pedestrian crosswalk to include installation of sidewalk curb ramps.
Residents already can see a nearly finished version of the type of pedestrian crosswalk that ODOT wants to install at seven other locations.
In addition, the chief is proposing installation of signs warning motorists that they are approaching a pedestrian crosswalk and putting up brighter street lights.
Chicken Cafe President Andre de Montesquiou, whose company operates five restaurants in Southern California, told the City Council that he would pay $25,000 for a traffic signal and pedestrian crosswalk at Magnolia and Niagra in two years, if the Planning Commission found that his restaurant had a big impact on the neighborhood.
The work involves, but is not limited to, associated drainage work, coordination of potential wetland and/or crayfish habitat impact, signalized pedestrian crossing, pedestrian crosswalk striping, and curb ramps with detectable warnings.
On Monday, a contractor hired by the state Department of Transportation began installing a pedestrian crosswalk with flashing beacons at Main and 51st streets, a little west of where 17-year-old Sherry Varo was killed in February 2009 when she was struck by two vehicles while trying to cross the arterial.