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(invertebrate zoology)
In echinoids and starfishes, any of various small grasping organs in the form of a beak carried on a stalk.



a skeletal formation resembling pincers borne by sea urchins and starfish. Pedicellariae are attached to flexible stalks or directly to the organism’s body. They protect against enemies and keep the body clear of foreign objects.

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In all competent larvae, there was always a pedicellaria associated with the dorsal arch spicule.
One pedicellaria was always located at the posterior end of the larval body between the posterolateral processes.
crenularis have a single dorsal pedicellaria (Fukushi, 1960).
During the breeding season, just after spawning, the eggs are moved to the brood pouches [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2A OMITTED] by the spines and pedicellaria.