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A rock-cut erosion surface formed in a desert by the coalescence of two or more pediments. Also known as desert peneplain; desert plain; panfan.



an outwash plain formed in formerly mountainous or hilly arid and semiarid regions through the parallel retreat of valley slopes and the coalescing of pediments (see). Opinions differ concerning the mechanism triggering the formation of pediplains.

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Foothill zone,Plateau types, Pediplain,Peidmont,Valley Floors,Alluvial Plains etc.
We walk out of the school into Jhansi's pediplain, this last stage in the evolution of landforms, the final result of an infinity of erosion, exposing the earth's inner layers.
The major geomorphologic features are alluvial plain, paleochannels, pediments, pediplain, valley fill, coastal plain, deltaic plain and denudational hill (Figure 3).
33%) is dominated by geologic units of laterite, geomorphic units such as pediments, pediplain, coastal plains, soil units of entisols, medium lineament and drainage density.
Shallow weathered buried pediplain is a smooth surface of weathered shales and phyllites with less than five meters of thickness are generally covered with black soils with moderate to good ground water yields.
Land evaluation for specific crops showed that soils occurring over lower pediplains and buried pediplains is suitable for most of the crops with slight to moderate limitations.
1976 Rock Art of the Cobar Pediplain in Central Western NSW, Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, Canberra.
Other authors propose alternative interpretations, such as multiple stepped pediplains developed during Paleogene to early Miocene times within the framework of compressive uplift (Gonzalez et al.