see Arias de Ávila, PedroArias de Ávila, Pedro
, known as Pedrarias
, c.1440–1531, Spanish colonial administrator. He was sent (1514) as governor to Darién (now part of Panama), then under the rule of Vasco Núñez de Balboa.
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In Lady Dacre's Pedrarias, Baillie admires the character of Xarifa for being "very affectionate and elevated" (80).
For some, judging from their actions, the evangelization was completely irrelevant (for example, Pedrarias Davila and Diego de Ordaz).
Balboa prepared to find Piru but was killed by his competitor Pedrarias before he could set out to do so (1517).
Tambem nao se pode negar que ha burkas e abayas de luxo, bordadas com pedrarias e fios de ouro, indicativas das castas ou esferas sociais.
In "El cronista" Hernando y Pedro Contreras, the grandsons of Pedrarias, offer to free a prisoner - Miguel de Cervantes - if he will write a history favorable toward their father and grandfather.