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name for any of the small tree- or shrub-inhabiting frogs of the family Hylidae, characterized by an adhesive disk on the tip of each of the clawlike toes. This family has about 300 species distributed throughout most tropical and temperate regions, with the greatest
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around peepers to My verdict: Right from the moment I applied this hydrating cream, it sank straight into my skin; so if nothing else, it was a refreshing relief for tired eyes.
Spring peepers are harbingers of the season, normally beginning their chorus around the time of the vernal equinox.
Our purses won't stretch that far so, luckily for us, Lavish Alice has also done some wonderful garms with a similar print that we have got our peepers on (OK, we'll stop now).
This gel eye-mask will help you relax and works wonders on tired peepers.
com, promises to bring Autumn leaf peepers and railway trains together.
All the spring peepers back in the swamp singing, the moon this
I should, I suppose, make it clear that I was actually holding a stuffed animal version of Senor Peepers.
We stand in a vernal marsh surrounded by spring peepers so loud I
Granted, Kate could keep Max Factor in business for a millennium with the amount of kohl she applies around her peepers, but with her straggly hair and powder-caked face Viv is hardly a groomed goddess herself.
Pam Calvert's PRINCESS PEEPERS PICKS A PET (9780761458159, $16.
STEP 3: An eyelash curler opens up gout peepers even more.
Although the band has a new minialbum out, it's a collaboration with Portuguese rapper Jyager Maktwist, using samples from the band's previous CD Peepers.