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Among the observations was one pegmatite with a downhole thickness of 20 metres from 82 metres.
The pegmatite fields of San Luis have an important past record of producing mica, beryl, spodumene, tantalite (tantalum oxide), columbite (niobium oxide), and recently potassium feldspar, albite and quartz.
Perth, Australia, April 24, 2012 - (ABN Newswire) - Galaxy Resources Limited (ASX:GXY) is pleased to announce that geochemical analysis from channel samples taken at its 20% owned James Bay Pegmatite Project ("James Bay") in Quebec has revealed high lithium oxide grades (Li2O) with low impurity levels.
18], is a common, rock-forming cyclosilicate mineral, generally occuring within granites and granitic pegmatites.
U-Pb dating of rare-metal (Sn-Ta-Li) mineralized pegmatites in Western Australia by SIMS analysis of tin and tantalum-bearing minerals.
2012 summer exploration program mapped and sampled over 300 pegmatites,
Additional strike length confirmed through rock chip sampling of the Carriere De L'est pegmatite.
Previous exploration drilling targeting gold mineralisation has intersected pegmatite units up to 31m thick, and field reconnaissance has highlighted extensive surface pegmatite outcrop.
Emerald mineralization occurs in talc-carbonate schists of the ophiolitic melange in Swat area, dolomite and pegmatite in Gandao and Khaltaro areas of Mohmand Agency and Gilgit-Baltistan region respectively.
Spodumene is mined from the fresh, unweathered zones in the pegmatite that are exposed in open-pits.
The pegmatites have decomposed in situ and are mined via hundreds of vertical shafts going down over 20 meters through the laterite soil.
It was found that emerald and other green beryls occur within the contact zone between phlogopite schist and intrusive quartz and pegmatite veins.