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or Peham
, name of two German Renaissance artists, brothers, who were both influenced by Dürer and later by Italian art. Hans Sebald Beham, 1500–1550, engraver, etcher, and miniaturist, with his brother, was banished from Nuremburg for
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Durch Offenheit und die Bereitschaft, von- und miteinander zu lernen, orientiert sich der Unigarten an der Philosophie der Permakultur und beschaftigt sich mit dem Begriff der Wildniskultur, der in Zusammenarbeit mit Jonny Peham gepragt wird.
This has prompted the development of a series of studies that seek to establish the association between interpersonal coordination and rapport, and the result or quality of interpersonal relationships (Bock, Huber, Peham, & Benecke, 2015; Tschacher et al., 2012).
(8.) For a more detailed treatment of the goals of education about the past see: Andreas Peham and Elke Rajal.
Received 5 March 2014; Accepted 4 June 2014; Published 7 July 2014 Academic Editor: Christian Peham
To understand why the ankle is so prone to injury during the jump shot, a team of scientists headed by Christian Peham at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna (Vetmeduni Vienna) has now investigated the stresses and strains to which the three most important ligaments in the ankle are subjected in a jump shot.
"When you land, there are additional strains on the ligaments that are hard to predict in advance and that have a particularly high risk of causing injury," Peham said.
Vienna Horns: Thomas Jobstl, Josef Reif, Markus Obmann, Raphael Stoffelmayr, Gerhard Kulmer, Thomas Bieber, Walter Reitbauer, Albert Heitzinger, Thomas Fischer, Franz Obermuller, and Franz Pickl, with extra horn colleagues: Wolgang Tombock, Manuel Huber, Elisabeth Jobstl, Helene Tombock, Christoph Peham, Jonas Rudner, and Markus Hartner, plus percussionists Patrick Prammer, Margit Schoberleitner, Kevan Teherani, Lukas Schiske, Benedikt Schmiedinger, and Georg Hasibeder.
(22.) Bodo G, Hangody L, Szabo Z, Peham C, Schinzel M, Girtler D, Sotonyi P: Arthroscopic autologous osteochondral mosaicplasty for the treatment of subchondral cystic lesion in the medial femoral condyle in a horse.
Given that the formula Ich, Michel Peham occurs forty-seven times while a third-person reference to himself is found thirty-six times, it is evident that these self-references merit thorough investigation.
Andreas Peham (2004, 5) summarized the Jewish-Christian relationship from a theological-psychoanalytical perspective: