Pehr Hilleström

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Hilleström, Pehr


Born Nov. 18, 1732, in Vedlö; died Aug. 13, 1816, in Stockholm. Swedish painter.

Hilleström studied in Stockholm and later lived in Paris in 1757 and 1758; there he became acquainted with the production of Gobelin tapestries and visited the workshop of F. Boucher. He worked in Stockholm from 1758 and became director of the Stockholm Academy of Arts in 1810.

Hilleström was influenced by J. B. Greuze and J. B. Chardin. A major realist painter of the Swedish Enlightenment, he created scenes from the everyday life of the Stockholm bourgeoisie, romantic depictions of work in mines and smithies, portraits, still lifes, and scenes of peasant life.


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