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see BeijingBeijing
or Peking
, city and independent municipality (2010 pop. 19,612,368), capital of the People's Republic of China. It is in central Hebei prov., but constitutes an independent unit (6,564 sq mi/17,000 sq km) administered directly by the national government.
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Peiping, "Research on measuring telephoto lens focal length by using image matching," Journal of Electronic Measurement and Instrument, vol.
It manufactured an incident, attacking Chinese troops at the Marco Polo Bridge near Peiping (today's Beijing).
Dean Rusk, Secretary of State, noted in a telegram to Galbraith on November 20, Nehru not only proposed "a military alliance between India and the United States but complete commitment by us to fighting a war." The US which was aware of the Sino- Soviet split, was worried that an open commitment to India "might force Moscow to support Peiping." But on the morning of November 21, these considerations seemed to vanish into thin air.
Among the exhibitors were the Accuway Machinery Co., Anderson Group, Chien Wei Precision Technology Corp., Ching Hung Machinery & Electric Industry Co., C-TEK Technology Co., DMG Machinery Taiwan Ltd., EYAN Machine Tools Co., Hiwin Group, Oscar EDM Co., and Peiping Precision Enterprise Co.
"On Two Tibetan Pictures Representing Some of the Spiritual Ancestors of the Dalai-Lama and of the Panchen Lama," Bulletin of the National Library of Peiping (BNLP) 6 (1932) 150-127, with two plates.
Beijing in China was named Peiping or Peking until 1949.
Psychotic Peiping philosophizes Pnom-Penh's ptomaine poisoning), do appear in Problem 58: Sight and Sound.
the President expressed with great emphasis the opinion that if the Chinese Communists attacked us again we should certainly respond by hitting them hard and wherever it would hurt most, including Peiping itself.
He is captive in Moscow, Belgrade, Rome, Peiping, Washington, etc.--wherever he has identified the word with the process, the propositional function with the proposition.
Bravo Company was withdrawn from this assignment and sent to West Field Air Base, which provided air support to Peiping Headquarters Group, to guard military supplies and the 332d Troop Carrier Squadron.