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(pəlā`), volcano, 4,429 ft (1,350 m) high, on N Martinique, in the West Indies. On May 8, 1902, the day after the eruption of SoufrièreSoufrière,
volcano, 4,048 ft (1,234 m) high, on St. Vincent island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. On May 7, 1902, the day before the great eruption of Pelée on Martinique island, Soufrière erupted, laying waste a third of St.
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 on St. Vincent, Pelée also erupted, engulfing Saint-PierreSaint-Pierre
, town (1990 est. pop. 5,550), Martinique, West Indies. Founded by Esnambuc in 1635 and once the chief commercial city of the island, it was engulfed by a mass of flame, lava, and ash in the eruption (1902) of Pelée.
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 at its base in a pyroclastic flow and killing c.40,000 people in the city and adjacent area. Because the chemical composition of the volcanic ash prevents plant life, the thick layer deposited over a wide expanse is almost complete wasteland. Pelée also erupted in 1792 and 1851.


See G. Thomas and M. M. Witts, The Day the World Ended (1984); E. Zebrowski, Jr., The Last Days of St. Pierre (2002).

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On Pelee Island, Lee and his men sought to ascend the top of the island's lighthouse, from which they could best run a survey line.
In 1947, as the National Parks Branch prepared new promotional material on parks in Ontario, the Superintendent of Point Pelee National Park offered his opinion on the visitor folder of the park.
Me pelee con ellos, y apenas designaron candidata electa de la delegacion en 2012 a Maricela Contreras le di los argumentos legales para recuperar las albercas, y no lo hizo.
And he'll continue on a southerly (sometimes southeasterly) route until he reaches Point Pelee in Ontario, the southernmost point of mainland Canada.
Everett de Jong of Pelee Island Winery has been coming to the fair since its inception and found his distributor, Kenneth Chu of Hong Kong-based MBA Global Management, at the show Everett said MBA has "made a huge difference" in Pelee Island's efforts in China, and he strongly advised wineries looking to move into Asia to "use Hong Kong as your hub.
Existen en las respuestas de los ninos/ninas deseos y/o mandatos para la madre: "que no pelee con papa", que reflejan la responsabilidad que se le sigue otorgando a esta de la salud socioemocional de la familia.
The afternoon was spent at Point Pelee National Park, the sixth such park in Canada, and the first to be saved for its natural and geological significance rather than for its recreational purposes.
Sin embargo, tampoco puede ser que los insurgentes, al esconderse entre civiles, impidan que el otro bando pelee contra ellos.
Investigators revealed it had originated at Ontario and was listed for a 37-mile journey to Pelee Island.
Callan's plane took off from the Canadian town of Windsor on a short 50-kilometre hop to nearby Pelee Island, but veered wildly off its route, crossing the US border and heading south until it reached Nashville - which also happens to be Swift's hometown.
Her protagonists face the varied traumas of the Caribbean twentieth century--from the eruption of Mount Pelee to the boredom of bourgeois living--and must learn to overcome.
John the Divine, and the author of the travel memoirs The Pelee Project; What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim; and Incontinent on the Continent.