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A sediment or sedimentary rock, such as mudstone, composed of fine, clay- or mud-size particles. Also spelled pelyte.



a detrital rock, such as a mudstone, containing more than 50 percent particles less than 0.01–0.005 mm in size. The chief pelites are argillites and clays.

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It was an exceptional performance from the team, particularly Evania Pelite, I thought she was absolutely world class in so many aspects today.
The Flume Ridge Formation comprises variably calcareous quartzofeldspathic sandstone and siltstone with subordinate pelite typically found at the tops of graded beds.
We used laser-ablation split-stream (LASS) ICP mass spectrometry to measure U/Th-Pb ages and compositions of monazite from garnet + aluminumsilicate +- staurolite pelites in the Kangmar and Mabja domes.
Ore is found near a geological unconformity where younger sandstone overlies older Pelite basement rock.
2013) Stratum Upper series Shiqianfeng Formation Permian Middle series Shihezi Formation Upper Lower series Shanxi Paleozoic Formation Upper series Taiyuan Formation Carboniferous Middle Benxi series Formation Main Thickness (m) main lithology sedimentary facies mud shale, 100-250 paralic lakes sandstone the upper is pelite intercalating sandstone; 120-570 lakes, rivers lower is interbedded sandstone and shale coal seam, 100-400 delta and sandstone, tidal flat mud shale coal seam, sandstone, mud shale, 50-400 tidal flat and carbonatite coal seam, interbedded sandstone and 0-560 lagoon and shale, tidal flat intercalating carbonatite Table 3.
One compared it with TSB sockets with Comfort or Two Color liners and the other one compared it with PTB sockets with Pelite liners.
Instead, metasiltstone forms equant to moderately elongated ovoid lumps up to 15 cm in diameter, locally with disturbed internal lamination, immersed in dark pelite (Fig.
4) it consists of coarse or fine silt, or of a mixture of silt and pelite (Lutt 1992, pp.
It is typically white to grey and light green, banded, and locally stromatolitic, calcareous to dolomitic marble interbedded with pelite, fine-grained quartzite, minor conglomerate, and mica schist.