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A sediment or sedimentary rock, such as mudstone, composed of fine, clay- or mud-size particles. Also spelled pelyte.



a detrital rock, such as a mudstone, containing more than 50 percent particles less than 0.01–0.005 mm in size. The chief pelites are argillites and clays.

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DBS 22), there was no significant difference between a TSB socket with a mineral oil-based elastomeric liner and a PTB socket with a Pelite liner when analyzing PEQ scores [34].
From drill core and geophysical data, Grid 5 basement lithologies have now been confirmed to consist of mostly semi-pelitic to psammitic assemblage of rock units, containing a central unit of graphitic pelites.
quartz vein in well-foliated graphitic pelite and was being sampled in
The supracrustal (greenstone) belts are lithologically diverse and include basalt, greywacke, pelite, and iron formation, along with lesser andesite, dacite, rhyolite, ultramafic rocks, conglomerate, and carbonate rocks.
Here pelite is used in a more restricted sense to encompass altered and metamorphosed fine-grained muddy sediments.
The hole intersected a 69 metre thick fractured graphitic and pyritic pelite unit.
Previously announced Kodiak drill hole WM09-04, which intersected a 69 metre thick fractured graphitic and pyritic pelite unit containing up to 0.
Rock types in the area include fine- to coarse-grained amphibolite, minor mafic tuff, dark green-black pelite, psammite, and adjacent to the pegmatite lenses, fine-grained tourmaline-bearing, silica-rich rock.
The claims cover the southwestern extension of the pelite horizon that hosts the deposit.
The socket was then fabricated by building a distal pelite cap to allow for inner socket length adjustability during fitting.
Despite the shallow crustal level at which deformation occurred, early ductile shearing in the Waite zone generated phyllonite from Fredericton belt pelite and psammite (Ludman 1998) and converted the massive Deblois and Bottle Lake granites to strongly foliated granite, s-c mylonite, and interlayered mylonite and ultramylonite (Wang and Ludman 1999; Wang et al.
Exploration will attempt to trace the pelite horizon by ground geophysics followed by diamond drilling.