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A sediment or sedimentary rock, such as mudstone, composed of fine, clay- or mud-size particles. Also spelled pelyte.
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a detrital rock, such as a mudstone, containing more than 50 percent particles less than 0.01–0.005 mm in size. The chief pelites are argillites and clays.

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Two main types are sandwiched in the red pelites of la Lieude:
Brand Sample Density Hardness Cell Size (g/[cm.sup.3]) (Shore A) ([10.sup.-3] [micro]rn) Nora Lunairmed A 0.08 18 8.5-11 Nora Lunairflex B 0.12 22 6.0-14.5 Nora Lunalastike C 0.23 25 11.0-14.5 Nora Lunalight A D 0.36 58 6.0-8.0 Plastazote E 0.11 15 13.0-23.0 High Density EVA F 0.14 35 4.0-8.0 Pelite G 0.08 20 11.5-13.5 Brand Description Thickness (mm) Nora Lunairmed Closed-cell EVA foam 6.2 Nora Lunairflex Closed-cell EVA foam (Perforated) B(I) 3.1 B(II) 6.1 Nora Lunalastike Closed-cell EVA foam C(I) 2.9 C(II) 5.9 C(III) 8.1 Nora Lunalight A Closed-cell EVA foam D(I) 6.3 D(II) 8.1 D(III) 10.3 Plastazote Closed-cell polyethylene foam 3.2 High Density EVA Closed-cell EVA foam 3.4 Pelite Closed-cell polyethylene foam 2.9 Note: A-G are labels applied to samples for purposes of this article.
The mineralogical composition of the associated pelites consists, as in the underlying member, of dominant illite.
Participant Characteristic 1 2 3 Age (yr) 32 37 20 BMI (kg/[m.sup.2]) 25.39 18.42 21.3 Sex M M M Amputation L L L Side Cause CNG TR OS Years since 32 17 4 Amputation Activity Level ([dagger]) K2 K3 K3 Residual-Limb Mid Long Mid Length Soft Tissue Good Poor Good Coverage Soft Tissue Firm Medium Medium Consistency Anomalies Prominent -- -- distal tibia Current Socket PTS PTB PTB cuff cuff Current Liner Pelite Pelite -- PCAST Socket Hard Hard Hard PCAST Sock Fit 2 1 1 (No.
However, they were only able to measure vertical movement between the pelite liner and socket [22,30].
Cette formation est principalement constituee de pelite turbiditique comportant de nombreuses strates de quartzite, de marbre dolomitique impur, d'une certaine quantite de conglomerat et de quelques strates volcanoclastiques riches en feldspath.
Black pelite and quartzite are exposed in several of the islands southeast of Grand Manan Island.
The sock was added over other socks if other socks were worn, inside the Pelite liner if only a Pelite liner was worn, and over the outside of the elastomeric liner if only an elastomeric liner was worn.
He used elevated vacuum because of prior diurnal residual limb volume change problems using a Pelite liner and because he had an interest in trying elevated vacuum suspension.
As shown in Figure 1, the device consisted of a pelite liner, laminated socket, Camber-axis ankle joints (Becker Orthopedic; Troy, Michigan), and a clamshell above-ankle section.
And in a revenge of Thursday's 26-12 loss, defending champions Australia bounced back in style for a 27-12 reverse result to end England's run in the main Cup with Evania Pelite securing a double.