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The cast iron pellet stove is about 32 inches high, 28 inches wide, 29 inches deep and has a matte black, sienna bronze, porcelain mahogany or porcelain black finish.
HAV A ING decided to go for biomass as my heat source, the choice was whether to opt for a log burner or a pellet stove.
Whether using a woodstove, pellet stove, or your fireplace, seeing smoke from your chimney means your fire is not burning as efficiently or cleanly as it could.
Unlike many products manufactured today for burning in your fireplace, pellet stove, or campfire, the bio-based fire logs that Imam's team developed contain no petroleum-derived chemicals.
third program is for home wood pellet furnaces--whole house systems, not the wood pellet stove that many of us have in our family rooms.
You need a pellet stove to burn wood pellets, though, or a fireplace insert to handle them safely.
The pellet stove is another energy-efficient alternative that is, so to speak, heating up.
One pellet stove comes encased in a brass-trimmed, varnished oak cabinet, and another boasts computerized controls.
The ComfortGeni model Geni 6xr is a new, easy-to-install through-wall fan that increases airflow from room to room or level to level, enabling consumers to enjoy the warmth from their fireplace or pellet stove in any room.
The generator keeps their pellet stove going for heat, powers one light and, if they chose to turn them on, the Christmas lights, ''which makes the kids happy,'' he said.
The plant processes various agricultural and wood waste by-products into alternative fuel pellets - packaged in 40 pound bags for the growing pellet stove market, or loaded out in bulk to a nearby utility for co-firing with coal.