river, c.330 mi (530 km) long, rising W of the Mackenzie Mts., S central Yukon, Canada, and flowing generally northwest to join the Yukon River at Fort Selkirk. The Pelly receives the Ross and Macmillan rivers. It was explored (1840) by Robert Campbell of the Hudson's Bay Company.
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At Selkirk, the trading post near Pelly River, Daylight suggested that Kama lay over, rejoining him on the back trip from Dyea.
"He'll sure last as far as Pelly," Daylight grinned.
At the Pelly one morning, as they were harnessing up, Dolly, who had never been conspicuous for anything, went suddenly mad.
They made Sixty Mile, which is a fifty-mile run, on the first day; and the second day saw them booming up the Yukon well on their way to Pelly. But such splendid running was achieved not without great trouble and vexation on the part of Francois.
“Upon my wort, toctor,” observed Major Hartmann, with a roguish roll of his little black eyes, but with every other feature of his face in a state of perfect rest, “put you have a very pretty pocket-book of tools tere, and your toctor-stuff glitters as if it was petter for ter eyes as for ter pelly.”
An herb of the genus Lactuca , "Wherewith," says that pious gastronome, Hengist Pelly, "God has been pleased to reward the good and punish the wicked.
Nightclub owner Pelly, 32, was arrested after being pulled over in his Audi sports car in Belgravia, Central London, at around 1am last May.
PRINCE Harry had two reasons to celebrate last night - his pal Guy Pelly got married and the Army is set to make him a major.
Fra Musica: EDV 1610 French director Laurent Pelly has created a masterful look for these two charming Ravel one-act operas, staged at Glyndebourne in August 2012 with the Glyndebourne Chorus and London Philharmonic Orchestra under conductor Kazushi Ono.
The news will be a blow to William's pals Tom Inskip and Guy Pelly - who were scouting out South African burlesque clubs.
The artists involved include Robert Soden, emerging filmmaker and photographer Becca Pelly Fry, textile artists Gillian Tallentire and Mandy Pattullo, painter Camille Ormston, Gateshead-based Allan White, Newcastle artist and illustrator Amelia Davies and photographer and biological sciences student Sam Curtis.
Kate, 25, has enjoyed girlie evenings at Tara's pounds 1million Chelsea home since the pair were introduced by Wills's best friend, Guy Pelly.