gesture recognition

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gesture recognition

(1) Computer recognition of handwritten check marks, slashes and other shorthand symbols as commands and annotations.

(2) Swiping a touchscreen with a finger or stylus. Definition #3 below is the common meaning of the term; however, swiping with one finger, and motions such as pinching with two fingers, also fall under the programming category of gesture recognition. See swipe and multitouch.

(3) Identifying hand and body movements. In 1998, Toshiba introduced a device that used infrared light reflected from a user's hand to sense its motion. More than a decade later in 2010, this capability was employed in Microsoft's Kinect controller for its Xbox, and motion control products have debuted ever since. See Kinect.

Pretend It's in Your Hand
The Leap Motion controller lets people play games and musical instruments, create objects and explore the world with dozens of Windows and Mac gesture-based apps from the Airspace online store. (Image courtesy of Leap Motion, Inc.,
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Way back in 1992, Microsoft began with pen computing - yes, there really were Windows 3.1 devices that were controlled with a stylus.
Take pen computing [the use of a stylus on a tablet]: I think it's fair to say we've been talking about pen computing for years, but it was hard to do that with OEMs who were not equally incentivized.
Coupling pen computing and a traditional mouse, the tablet is nice and compact although still offering a comfortable 20cm working area.
IN 1991, PenTop magazine (long since defunct) quoted Greg Slyngstad, then general manager of Microsoft's Pen Computing Group, as saying: "The impact of pens on computing will be far greater than the mouse.
The GoBook MAX already exceeds demanding Department of Defense military specifications for safety and durability and, according to Conrad Blickenstorfer of Pen Computing magazine, it is a "no-compromise, no holds barred tool for the toughest of jobs.
For example, he included CrossPad, a "portable digital notepad" made by the Cross Pen Computing Group.
LAS VEGAS -- Communication Intelligence Corp., which specializes in pen computing, will market its Handwriter product through CompUSA.
I place them in the same category as the PCjr, pen computing, 3DO, or the Personal Digital Assistant.
MICROSOFT chairman Bill Gates on his ability to forecast technology trends: "If you had asked me five years ago, I would have said that speech input, pen computing, and PDAs would have all been popular now, so I have an almost perfect record of being over-optimistic when it comes to predicting when new technologies will catch on." (Quoted in The Red Herring, 11/95)
Magazines about hand-held computers include Pen Computing (Pen Computing Inc, Folsom, Calif), PDA Developer (Creative Digital Inc, San Francisco, Calif), and HP Palmtop Paper (Thaddeus Computing Inc, Fairfield, Iowa).
Pen computing might not be quite as simple as an "erase-a-slate" toy, but it can be almost as much fun to learn.
The computer should be capable of running a recent version of Microsoft Windows software (or Windows for Pen Computing if a pen is used for entry instead of a keyboard).