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A hanging ornament or suspended feature on ceilings or vaults.

pendant, pendent, pendent drop

pendant, 2 on an Early New England house
pendant, 1: A
1. A suspended feature or hanging ornament used in the vaults and timber roofs of Gothic architecture or Gothic Revival; also called a pendent.
2. A
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Mandy has asked anyone with information about the lost pendant to call her on 0756 522 8364.
Mandy has asked anyone with information on the lost pendant and Sara's ashes to call her on 07565228364.
Los Angeles, California custom jewelry design company, Crescent Moon Jewelry, is known for its exquisitely crafted high quality jewelry and pendants.
Rosemary said: "I always wear this special pendant which has Robert in it so when I watch diving, he is in there.
The temple authorities had sold 257 pendants ( four grams) and 213 coins weighting eight grams in 2006.
Carmina pendant by Vita, PS55, Heals Cookie jar pendant, PS17.
uk) | Aperture metal collage photo frame, PS60, Next | Aperture metal collage photo frame, PS60, Next | Pendant light, PS40, BHS | Pendant light, PS40, BHS | Blue nude print, PS34.
1 Contemporary in looks and light source, the new Ecliptic pendant by Philips comes in anthracite or matte white and uses small surface-mountable power LEDs ($875).
It's important to know the significance of what the wearer has adorned and so every piece comes beautifully packaged with a 'Pothi'- a book that describes the significance of every pendant in the collection.
pendant Davis, a dealer in art and antiques, became fascinated by Mexican folk art and with the help of a Mexican master silversmith began designing and making silver jewellery inspired by pre-Columbian art.