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pendant, pendent, pendent drop

pendant, 2 on an Early New England house
pendant, 1: A
1. A suspended feature or hanging ornament used in the vaults and timber roofs of Gothic architecture or Gothic Revival; also called a pendent.
2. A
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The decision provides must-needed guidance in cases in which the rate of pendency interest is at issue, Lassman added.
'Resources equivalent to fifty thousand rupees are to be spent on testing and monitoring of single units but EPA put the reports into pendency under Section 16 of the Act, 1997 which has caused losses to public exchequer in billions and dropped the efficiency of EPA.'
Pendency in the examination of trademark applications was about 14 months in 2014/15.
The data available for the 24 High Courts and lower courts up to the year ending 2013 showed pendency of 44.5 lakhs and whopping 2.6 crores, respectively.
This is evidenced by the parties' actions through the pendency of the divorce and until 2007 when husband decided to look for a new insurance provider for the company.
"It did not disclose the pendency of the other cases which were disclosed in the certificate of non-forum shopping attached in the petition for review of petitioner HDMF...for cases involving Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corporation and HDMF...," he said.
The protection afforded by a "lis pendens," or notice of pendency of an action between the property owner and the vendor, is generally that it places the outside world on actual and constructive notice that if they buy the property or loan money and take a mortgage, that they may be doing so subject to the lien.
However, the stay postpones implementation of the Michigan decision and the pork checkoff program will continue to operate and conduct operations as normal during the pendency of the appeal.
Sometime during the pendency of the proceeding (as often occurs), the taxpayers retained an attorney who entered an appearance on their behalf.
"Specifically, we are asked to determine whether...the jury is restricted to considering only evidence of bad faith which occurred prior to the filing of the lawsuit, or, whether [the jury] may consider evidence of an insurer's bad-faith conduct occurring during the pendency of litigation."
Note: During the pendency of the Supreme Court's decision in Shalala v.
If this process were stayed while the trustee or the receiver for a failed counterparty determined whether to perform the contract, the delay would expose the nondefaulting party to potentially serious market risks during the pendency of this decision process.