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river: see PiniósPiniós
or Peneus
, river, 134 mi (216 km) long, rising in the Pindus Mts., NW Greece, and flowing generally E past Tríkkala and Larissa and through the Vale of Tempe into the Aegean Sea.
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, river, Greece.
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Refers to study two bridges over the river Peneus, one on the Road Trikala-Karditsa, length 240 m and a tract on the lateral length 240 m.
27) Peneus is also blameworthy, in permitting himself to be made a co-conspirator in his daughter's unsuitable desire never to leave his household.
If Yeats is both Peneus and Apollo in relation to his daughter, then Yeats seeks to, and has the power to, turn his daughter into a symbol in order to protect her from himself and his own desires.
Ovid's account of Daphne, pursued by Apollo and imploring her father, Peneus, to shelter her will bring into focus key aspects of Ovid crucial to early-nineteenth-century narratives of Bildung in a variety of aesthetic forms and other disciplines:
She begged her father, the river Peneus, to destroy her beauty and thus to save her from the love that repelled her.
Con la ayuda de su padre, el dios Peneus, ella logra transformarse en laurel para salvarse y asi guardar su identidad virginal, mas alla del drastico cambio fisico.
Daphne's transformation at the command of her father, the river god Peneus, responded to the transformation of the Heliades on the banks of the river Eridanos.
It also occasioned an awful pun comparing Aggie Busch's barn to the mythological Augean stables that Hercules cleaned out by diverting the Alphas and Peneus Rivers.
He would not leave her in peace, and some say she grew so weary that she asked her father Peneus to transform her into a tree.
Diversion of the Peneus River has led to cycles of delta progradation and retrogradatiin that have both buried and eroded archaeological sites.
Like Ovid's Daphne, albeit without Apollo and Peneus, Mahdokht is transformed into a tree with roots and slender branches in the garden in Karaj.
Hercules diverted the rivers Alpheus and Peneus through them and washed them clean in one day.