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A case of penile fracture at the crura of the penis without urethral involvement: Rare entity.
The most appropriate management currently for penile fracture is:
Therefore, early surgical management in penile fracture cases provides better results than delayed and conservatively managed cases.
Dorsal vein injuries observed during penile exploration for suspected penile fracture.
Urethral bleeding without urethral injury has been reported after penile fracture.
Table 2: Lesions found at the time of surgical repair in our admitted penile fracture cases [Table omitted]
In our experience (15 cases in 5 years), penile fracture occurred during vigorous sexual intercourse, but the urethra was never compromised.
A total of 34 cases of penile fracture were seen at the hospital emergency from July 2005 to July 2011.
While intercourse and self-manipulation account for most cases of penile fracture, there have been reports of fracture following a fall from bed with an erect penis, rolling over in bed during nocturnal tumescence, attempting to correct congenital chordee, disentangling an erect penis from a garment, hitting an erect penis against a toilet seat, following forceful contact with the dashboard of a stopping car and masturbating into a cocktail shaker.
Penile fractures are a medical emergency and must be treated immediately.