Penn Central Company

Penn Central Company

Penn Central Company, former U.S. transportation company, formed in 1968 by the merger of the New York Central RR and the Pennsylvania RR. By the early 1970s the railroad was bankrupt; in 1976 the U.S. government created Conrail from the Penn Central and five other failed eastern railroads. In 1994 the company became an insurance firm, American Premier Underwriters. Conrail itself was taken over in 1999 by the CSX and Norfolk Southern railroads.


See J. R. Daughen and P. Binzen, The Wreck of the Penn Central (1971, repr. 1999).

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If you think General Motors has a big problem with ineffective management, truculent unions, and declining market share, consider the Penn Central Company of the late 1960s.
This river became the dumping ground of the Penn Central Company's oil, of PCBs from the General Electric plant, of paint from the General Motors plant back in the mid-'60s, and it was a group of blue collar fishermen who challenged these companies, one by one, with the law, forming Riverkeeper and patrolling the Hudson to keep polluters on watch.

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