Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

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Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts,

Philadelphia, established in 1805, incorporated in 1806. It is supported by private endowment. The academy grew out of a proposal by Charles Willson PealePeale, Charles Willson
, 1741–1827, American portrait painter, naturalist, and inventor, b. Queen Annes County, Md. Early Life

Apprenticed to a saddler in Annapolis, he became at 20 his own master and taught himself various other trades—watchmaking,
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 for an art institution; this led to the founding of the Columbianum, which in 1795 mounted the first art exhibition in the United States. The academy was formed to supersede it, sponsored by 71 Philadelphia citizens, among them Peale, Charles Biddle, William RushRush, William,
1756–1833, American sculptor, one of the earliest in the country, b. Philadelphia. His wood carvings, clay models, and figureheads were famous in their day.
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, and George ClymerClymer, George
, 1739–1813, American political leader, signer of the Declaration of Independence, b. Philadelphia. A prosperous merchant, he ardently supported the colonial cause before the American Revolution and served (1775–76) as one of the Continental treasurers.
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. The present building, designed by Frank Furness and George W. Hewitt, was constructed in 1876 to house the academy's art collection, which includes the Temple Collection of modern American paintings, the Gibson Collection of 19th-century European paintings, and the John Frederick Lewis Collection of early American paintings. The academy's more than 2,000 works by American artists forms one of the richest collections of such art in the field. In 1999 the academy acquired a 1916 commercial structure located across a narrow street from its main building. Reconfigured, renamed the Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building, and opened in 2006, it incorporates galleries for modern and contemporary American art and also houses the academy's art school, the oldest in the United States.
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The artist, who is originally from New Jersey, holds an MFA in painting from from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.
Before achieving success in film and on television, Lynch studied painting at the Boston Museum School and Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and his paintings, photography, printmaking and drawing exhibited internationally.
Editor's note: This Guest Editorial has been adapted with permission from an article entitled "Implants in Otology" that appeared in the Fall 2012 issue of Soundings, the Pennsylvania Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery's newsletter.
This year's award will go to Eric Fuller, who will be studying at the Pennsylvania Academy of Art in the fall.
On the campus of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, a custom bench underlit with iLight Plexineon LED fixtures encircles a decommissioned Navy plane that's been repurposed as art.
This volume is published in conjunction with an eponymous exhibition shown at two venues during 2012: the Newport Art Museum, and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where the collection is now housed.
However, Tanner's capacity to make belief visible is not disguised or dismissed in the exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA).
At the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Eakins first drew from antique casts, as was the custom in art schools at that time, and attended lectures on anatomy, beginning in 1862.
Rachael Blackburn Cozad, Director, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, Missouri; -- Carol Damian, Director, Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum, Florida International University, Miami; and -- Julien Robson, Curator of Contemporary Art, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia.
Because of his fondness for painting the male physique, often engaged in athletics, and because he showed no respect for the Main Line Philadelphia morality of his era, which led to his being dismissed in 1886 from his teaching post at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, there has been much speculation about his sexuality.
Philadelphia has more public art than any other American city, while boasting such renowned art museums as the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Rodin Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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