Pennsylvania Railroad

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Pennsylvania Railroad,

former U.S. transportation company; inc. 1846 by the Pennsylvania legislature. It opened in 1854 as a single-track line between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Beginning in 1857, the company purchased many railroads, most notably the Allegheny Portage RR, that were owned and operated by the state of Pennsylvania. During the Civil War the Pennsylvania RR played an important role in the Union war effort. In the last decades of the 1800s, especially under the presidency of Thomas A. Scott (1874–80), the railroad rapidly extended its operations between the East Coast and the Mississippi River and between the Great Lakes and the Ohio and Potomac rivers. In 1910 a tunnel under the Hudson River allowed the railroad to reach its new terminal in New York City, known in the mid-1900s as the world's busiest rail station. The Pennsylvania RR introduced many innovations to railroading, including air conditioning, electrification, and the practice of loading truck-trailers on flat cars. In 1968, after a long legal battle that reached the U.S. Supreme Court, the Pennsylvania RR merged with the New York Central RR to form the Penn Central CompanyPenn Central Company,
former U.S. transportation company, formed in 1968 by the merger of the New York Central RR and the Pennsylvania RR. By the early 1970s the railroad was bankrupt; in 1976 the U.S.
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See J. C. Van Horne and E. E. Drelick, Traveling the Pennsylvania Railroad (2002).

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Since its opening in 1928, Suburban Square has been the premier commercial property anchoring the "Main Line", a string of charming, affluent towns located west of Philadelphia, along the original main line of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company (PRR), built during the 1830s.
100,000; and Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Company, $197,250.
The Nasdaq SmallCap Market: EMON), a rail freight transportation and distribution services company, today announced that it has merged two of its railroad subsidiaries, Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Company ("MPA") and Yorkrail, Inc.

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