Penobscot Bay

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Penobscot Bay,

inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, 35 mi (56 km) long and 27 mi (43 km) wide, S Maine. The bay was entered by the English explorer Martin Pring in 1603; the French explorer Samuel de ChamplainChamplain, Samuel de
, 1567–1635, French explorer, the chief founder of New France.

After serving in France under Henry of Navarre (King Henry IV) in the religious wars, Champlain was given command of a Spanish fleet sailing to the West Indies, Mexico, and the
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 claimed the area for France in 1604. An important shipbuilding center in the 19th cent., the bay has become a fishing and resort center.
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Petrologic variation and magmatic structures in plutons of Penobscot Bay area, Maine.
The Japanese shore crabs, with 4-centimeter shells, were found in Penobscot Bay by Robin Seeley, a marine biologist and an associate curator of Cornell's Malacology Collection, and Erin McDonald, a Cornell junior.
Penobscot Bay, Maine, is about as far from Ukiah as you can go in America without getting your feet wet.
Abstract--Biweekly ichthyoplankton surveys were conducted in Penobscot Bay, Maine, during the spring and early summer of 1997 and 1998.
The town of Vinalhaven, population 1,400, occupies an island in Penobscot Bay. From 1980 through 1996, it operated a landfill over 3.3 acres of a 15-acre parcel, accepting any waste generated on the island.
As for text typography, the Conjunctions sextant swings around to a modest office near the head of Penobscot Bay, where Bill White personally typesets each issue (going back all the way back to volume eighteen, at least seven thousand pages) with the dedication of a medieval scribe in peak form.
with little to do but listen to the shifting lobster traps and anticipate the next day's cruise among the uninhabited islands that clutter Penobscot Bay. Little wonder that the Stephen Taber rarely sails with an empty berth.
The couple, who have a six-year-old son called Jett, can now fly in their his 'n' her planes between their US homes in Los Angeles, Daytona Beach in Florida and Penobscot Bay, Maine.
Though the 940-acre island in Penobscot Bay provided habitat for 70 percent of the state's wetland species as well as an important flyway for neotropical birds, the agency rejected an alternative site at industrialized Mack Point.
She found four acres of land in Orland, Maine, on a ridge overlooking Penobscot Bay, and on June 16, 1975, Rosa stood on her very own property--with $257 in her savings account.
Samuel Williams of Harvard College, who led a party of students to observe a total eclipse of the sun at Penobscot Bay in Maine.
A popular yachting center, Camden is an ideal spot to hop aboard a passenger schooner/ windjammer for a tour of Penobscot Bay. Everything from quick two-hour jaunts to weeklong cruises may be arranged.