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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Sometimes spelled pantacle. The pentacle originally had the same meaning as pentagram but has come to mean a circular wooden or metal plate engraved with magical symbols (usually including a pentagram) and used in magical rituals.

A Gardnerian Wiccan pentacle is made of copper and engraved with the three degree symbols, plus those for the salute (kiss) and scourge, and for the god and goddess. Other traditions may incorporate different symbols and may use silver or wooden pentacles.

In ceremonial magic, a pentacle is frequently a protective talisman incorporating the design of a pentagram together with various words and names of power.

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In Gothic tracery a five-pointed star motif with a pentagon in the center.
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But because the pentacle was not on the VA's "approved list," it would not appear on Sgt.
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to approve the pentacle for use on government-issued headstones and memorial plaques.
Director Ivan Sygoda explains that a few years ago, "We also developed the Gallery because we realized how difficult it is for young artists to get agents." Gallery artists (such as Creach/Company, Isadora Duncan Dance, Maureen Fleming, and Headlong Dance Theater) pay Pentacle a flat fee and get exposure through association--by having their materials on Pentacle's table at conferences, for instance.
Stewart's marker still remained unfilled, even though Nevada officials announced in September that they would sidestep the VA and provide a marker engraved with a pentacle. Stewart said that the marker ordered for her late husband was produced by a contractor not used by the VA and was not similar to the memorial wall's other markers.
Her situation came to a head when she was told that she could only have a plaque for her husband at the Nevada military memorial without a pentacle. She refused, and there is currently only a blank spot on the Wall of Heroes where Patrick's plaque should be.
Now a teetotaler, Dendy frankly credits friends and mentors such as Charles Reinhart, codirector of the American Dance Festival in Durham, and Ivan Sygoda, director of Pentacle in New York City, where he has long based his company, with helping pull him through.
Stewart, had been denied the right to place a Wiccan pentacle on her deceased husband's memorial marker.
The company is now represented by Pentacle of New York City, which will enlarge its national and international touring.
PM has bankrolled commissioning projects which, in addition to the Diamond Project, include the National Dance Repertory Enrichment Program administered by Pentacle. And, through its contributions to the Arts Forward Fund, it has been a leader in the search for solutions to the problem of long-term financial viability for dance companies.
Main introduces readers to the four suits of the Minor Arcana--wands, cups, knives, and pentacles. The fourteen cards of each suit are described, followed by five questions inviting readers to connect the suit to their own experiences and goals.
"Page of Pentacles: forest green sheets / royal purpose nightshirt / lapis lazuli towel / all whirling together / in the dryer / I dance to the rich / colors of the world.
Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles, released in February, is not a concept album per se, but there does seem to be a thematic thread running through some of its 10 songs.