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see decay of organic matterdecay of organic matter
or putrefaction,
process whereby heterotrophic organisms, including some bacteria, fungi, saprophytic plants, and lower animals, utilize the remains of once-living tissue as a source of nutrition.
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α, є-pentamethy lenediamine, NH 2(CH 2)5 NH2. A colorless liquid with a boiling point of 178°-179°C. Cadave-rine is readily soluble in water and alcohol and yields crystallizing salts. It is contained in the products of protein decay (putrefaction) and is formed from lysine during its fermentative decarboxylation. Previously, cadaverine was thought of as one of the ptomaines, but the toxicity of cadaverine is relatively low. Cadaverine is found in plants and can be obtained synthetically from trimethylenecyanide.


C5H14N2 A nontoxic, organic base produced as a result of the decarboxylation of lysine by the action of putrefactive bacteria on flesh.