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We might think laterally and link the word 'tile' with polyominoes, or polyiamonds, as in Solomon Golomb's game of pentominoes, or variants of Blokus.
The figure below shows a minimal set of two pentominoes, three hexominoes, and four septominoes that suffice for all KG words with n = 5, 6, and 7.
Bowkamp, Packing a rectangular box with the twelve solid pentominoes, J.
Her characters--Calder, Petra and Tommy--daydream, solve mysteries and sort out personal problems with the help of pentominoes, five-sided math puzzle pieces that her 8-year-old students used.
Fun, interactive pentominoes, pattern games, art adventures, behind-the-scenes author exclusives, puzzles, bulletin boards and flash boards are included exclusively for members of the Flashlight Readers club.
The sessions, organised by Linda Mason, will include a presentation in which children use their maths skills to solve a `whodunnit' mystery, along with interactive puzzles and games such as 3D noughts and crosses and pentominoes Mathcymru co-ordinator Gareth Smith said: ``It is great the Welsh College of Horticulture has invited us up to Flintshire and given us the space to show the fun side of maths to all these children.
Citing pentominoes as a source of inspiration for the game, its name is derived from the Greek word "tetra" meaning four, as all of the blocks are made up of four segments.
The standard rule for joining congruent (geometrically identical) squares to make polyomino shapes, such as pentominoes does not allow any way of joining two or more squares, other than by a whole edge, against a whole edge.
Specifically we believe that this small unit of work involving pentominoes would involve the following aspects of the Geometry and Measurement strand.
Later on in primary years children may be asked to investigate whether there is a relationship between the perimeter and area of shapes by investigating whether all pentominoes have the same areas and perimeters (See appendix which follows).
Blokus (the first) uses all the mathematically distinct polyominoes, from monominoes (unit squares) up to pentominoes (flat shapes, made using five unit squares, joined by whole edges).