People's Bank of China

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People’s Bank of China


the central bank of issue, credit, clearing, and deposit of the Chinese People’s Republic. Founded on Dec. 1, 1948, upon the merger of the People’s Bank of North China, the Peihai Peasants’ Bank, and the Northwest Peasants’ Bank. Funds allocated to the state budget and to state organizations and enterprises are deposited in the People’s Bank. A network of savings banks is also under its jurisdiction. The bank provides for the credit requirements of the national economy. It offers short-term credits to cover the purchase of greater than normal stocks of goods and materials and the procurement of agricultural products for export. The current cash requirements of organizations and enterprises are also met through the bank.

The People’s Bank of China carries out international clearing operations and buys and sells gold and silver. The bank sets the exchange rate between foreign currency and the yuan, or jenminpi. One of the largest credit institutions in the world, the bank acts as correspondent to banks in numerous other countries. In 1971, the bank had 34,000 branches in the country and abroad, with its main offices in Peking.


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In this regard, a policy shift toward targeting a stable trade-weighted exchange rate would prompt the People's Bank of China to devalue the RMB against the U.S.
Zhou Xiaochuan, Governor of the People's Bank of China, acknowledged the AfDB's work over the last 50 years, and the great strides it has made in promoting growth and alleviating poverty.
On the Chinese side, the session was attended by Yau Yudong, Deputy Director General of Monetary Policy Department - People's Bank of China, in addition to a number of the Bank's officials.
of Queensland, Australia) present an analysis of the People's Bank of China (PBC), the world's biggest central bank, focusing in particular on the institutional changes that have allowed it to wield increasing power and autonomy in the realm of monetary and financial policy.
Last Wednesday, the People's Bank of China released a notice that allows non-financial companies to utilize the Yuan held in their companies in China to be extended as loans to its overseas affiliates.
Speaking at the Legislative Yuan, Perng pointed out that the Taipei branch of the Bank of China, which has been designated as the renminbi clearance bank in Taiwan, will sign a currency clearance contract with People's Bank of China, clarifying the scope and rights/obligations for the authorization of renminbi clearance business.
Positive sentiment reflected the move by the People's Bank of China on Monday night to ramp up its reserve-repurchase operations injecting 220bn yuan into the financial system.
Buying took the upper hand after the People's Bank of China cut its reserve requirement ratio to free more money for lending following recent sluggish economic data in the country, brokers said.
The People's Bank of China said it would allow the yuan to rise or fall 1 per cent from a mid-point every day, effective Monday, compared with its previous 0.5 percent limit.
ANKARA, February 21, 2012 - The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) and People's Bank of China (PBC) signed a bilateral Currency Swap Agreement (CSA).
Summary: BEIJING - China and the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday signed a currency swap agreement worth 35 billion yuan ($5.54 billion), the People's Bank of China said, adding that the deal was effective for three years and would boost two-way trade and investment.
[USPRwire, Fri Dec 02 2011] Saxo Bank, the online trading specialist, has released a new Asia Focus Video which features Andrew Robinson, Forex Analyst for Saxo Capital Markets in Singapore, analysing the People's Bank of China's decision to lower its reserve requirement ratio, whether it's a taste of more cuts to come and how much it is a clear signal that the world's second-largest economy is really slowing after all.
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