People's Assembly

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People’s Assembly


(1) The highest representative body of state power in Bulgaria, called the National Assembly. According to the constitution, the legislative and executive functions of the state are united in the National Assembly. It is the sole legislative body and the supreme organizing agency for the planning of social development. The assembly directs foreign and domestic policy at the highest level, adopts and amends the constitution, approves the economic plan and state budget, and decides questions of war and peace. It has the power to elect the members of the State Council, the Council of Ministers, and the Supreme Court and to elect the chief prosecutor; it also has the power to relieve these officials of their duties. The assembly consists of 400 deputies, elected by the people for five-year terms.

(2) In Albania the People’s Assembly is the sole legislative body. It approves the state budget and the economic plan, elects the Presidium of the People’s Assembly and the Supreme Court, forms the government, and appoints the prosecutor general. It is elected by the people for a four-year term.

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New York, SANA-Speaker of People's Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham discussed on Wednesday with Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Martin Chungong the situation in Syria and the region, cooperation between people's Assembly and the Union to confront terrorism, extremism and press countries which sponsor terrorism to stop violating the international law.
PYONGYANG (CyHAN)- North Korea will switch to a new time zone, putting back its clocks by 30 minutes on August 15, the country's Supreme People's Assembly said.
Organised by Public Services Alliance and the North East People's Assembly, the protest aimed to highlight the human cost of cuts ahead of the budget this afternoon and called for a 'People's Budget.
A spokesman for Unite added: "The People's Assembly demonstration on June 20 against austerity is going to be big - we can make it huge.
Supporters of The People's Assembly co-ordinated actions ranged from protests and rallies to street meetings.
The People's Assembly has told campaigners to assemble 'right on the doorstep of the very people who created the crisis in the first place.
The People's Assembly Wales' "38 Degrees" petition, calling on Assembly Members to vote no to the proposed cuts budget, has been running online for three weeks and had gathered nearly 1,000 signatures by last night.
TEESSIDE People's Assembly is due to meet tomorrow.
That is why the 2nd North East People's Assembly on today at Northern Stage is continuing the work it began last year of building a broader and more powerful anti-austerity movement.
London hosted the opening ceremony of the Peace and Accord Center "Kazakhstan", the press service of the Kazakhstan People's Assembly reports.
7 percent of votes in the presidential elections held yesterday, the People's Assembly Speaker Mohammad Jihad Allaham announced Wednesday.
Speaker of the People's Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham announced, in a session on Sunday, that the Assembly received notifications from the Supreme Constitutional Court stating that Mohammad Firas Yassin Rajjouh, who is from Damascus province and was born in 1966, and Abdul-Salam Youssef Salameh, who is from Homs province and was born in 1971, submitted candidacy applications for the post of the President of the Syrian Arab Republic.

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