People's Revolution

People’s Revolution


a revolution carried out by the broad strata of the people in contrast to a revolution by the elite or a palace revolution.

A people’s revolution raises the popular masses to participate in the shaping of history. They act decisively and are able to voice their own economic and political demands. A people’s revolution may have varying socioeconomic content. Thus, both the French Revolution and the Revolution of 1905–07 in Russia were people’s revolutions. In comparing three bourgeois revolutions of the 20th century—those in Portugal, Turkey, and Russia —Lenin wrote about the first two that “neither of them is a people’s” revolution (Poln. sobr. soch., 5th ed., vol. 33, p. 39). The Revolution of 1905–07 in Russia was “undoubtedly a ’real people’s’ revolution, since the mass of the people, its majority, the very lowest social group, crushed by oppression and exploitation, rose independently and stamped on the whole course of the revolution the imprint of their own demands, their attempts to build in their own way a new society in place of the old society that was being destroyed” (ibid.). Among the people’s revolutions of the 20th century were the popular democratic revolutions of the 1940’s in a number of countries in Europe and Asia, the Cuban Revolution of 1959, and the national liberation revolutions. Socialist revolutions are the most profound people’s revolutions and are carried out by the working class in alliance with all toilers.


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Her father, she said, brought them to the San Pedro Church as crowds celebrated the triumph of the people's revolution.
Najaf / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / The Central Coordinating Committee of the People's Revolution of the Sadrist Movement called for a demonstration tomorrow, on Friday afternoon in Baghdad, in Al- Tahrir Square in support of the project for reform declared by cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.
Condemning the approach of authorities regarding the hunger strike of JKLF leader, Zahoor Ahmad Butt in a police station, he said: "If anything happens to Zahoor Butt, the responsibility will lie on so-called rulers who want to suppress people's revolution through their oppressive acts.
He said the spree of killings and firings was going on and its soul motive was to suppress people's revolution by use of brute force.
Bahrain is one of the financial sponsors of the ISIL terrorist group and it openly collects aids for the group and ISIL supporters have regular conventions in the tiny island nation whose Saudi-backed rulers have been suppressing their own people's revolution in the last several years.
However, the 15th-century warrior prince also underwent an unlikely rehabilitation as a hero of the people's revolution, according to the newly- released government files.
However, the 15th century warrior prince also underwent an unlikely rehabilitation as a hero of the people's revolution, according to newly-released government files.
On the 37th anniversary of the victory of the Iranian people's revolution, we are proud of what we have achieved after years of bloodshed, patience, siege, and injustice," said Fathali, praising the 2000 and 2006 victories and steadfastness of the resistance in Palestine.
The fifth anniversary of the people's revolution was marked this year on April 7.
Al-Bukhaiti said that Houthis will not harm political figures like Bin Mubarak and described the kidnapping as a "further step in the completion of the people's revolution.
He added that "it betrayed the media's ethical code, that it broadcasted lies after the people's revolution against the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood on 30 June 2013, portraying the revolution as lies and plays directed by filmmakers, and that the crowds that came out that day were sparse and not representative of the Egyptian people, and that what happened was not a popular revolution".
Moroccans are ambitious people who have always aspired to rank high and catch up with developed countries", the Sovereign said in a speech to the nation on the 61st anniversary of the King and People's Revolution Day, adding that this ambition is "not just a dream, nor is it unfounded.

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