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A water-soluble mixture of proteoses and amino acids derived from albumin, meat, or milk; used as a nutrient and to prepare nutrient media for bacteriology.



a product formed by the partial hydrolysis of proteins and consisting chiefly of a mixture of various polypeptides and also containing dipeptides, tripeptides, and free amino acids. Peptones are formed by the action of proteolytic enzymes in gastric and pancreatic juices (pepsin, trypsin) on proteins or by careful hydrolysis of proteins in acid or alkaline solutions. The composition and name of a peptone depend on the type of protein from which the peptone is derived. Thus, there are meat peptones, fish peptones egg peptones, and others. Peptones are used in microbiology for the preparation of nutrient media.

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The effect of peptones on transfection efficiency and productivity
In the next step, the effect of three different peptones on transfection efficiency and recombinant protein yield were examined.
Peptones are widely used as supplements for serum-free culture media.
This can be explained by the positive growth and biomass promoting effect of these peptones explained in our previous studies (20) which maintains the cells in a desirable situation for the optimum transfection.
Fortification of a protein-free cell culture medium with plant peptones improves cultivation and productivity of an interferon-gamma-producing CHO cell line.
Moreover, peptone feeding strategy used here was successful to increase volumetric produc-tivities up to 37[degrees]o.
Conclusion: Here we described an optimization process for TGE in suspension-adapted CHO cells based on Polyethylenimine (PED/DNA concentration, DNA: PEI ratio, starting cell densities and peptone feeding strategy.
In this study, it was proposed that peptone supplementation is a promising approach for TGE optimization.
It is expected that the peptone feeding approach utilized in this study would improve TGE yields in CHO cells and this method will be an attractive alternative to TGE in HEK-293 cells for the generation of recombinant proteins in preclinical research.
Peptone, a low-cost growth-promoting nutrient for intensive animal cell culture.
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