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(pā`răk), state (1991 pop. 1,880,016), 8,030 sq mi (20,798 sq km), Malaysia, central Malay Peninsula, on the Strait of Malacca. Perak is bordered on the N by Thailand. The capital is IpohIpoh
, city (1991 pop. 468,765), capital of Perak state, Malaysia, central Malay Peninsula, in the Kinta River valley. A modern commercial town, it is a major tin-mining center. Nearby are rubber plantations and limestone quarries.
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; TaipingTaiping
, city (1991 pop. 186,791), Perak, Malaysia, central Malay Peninsula. Once the leading tin-mining center of Malaya, it has been supplanted by the Kinta Valley. The city is picturesquely situated at the foot of Bukit Maxwell (formerly Maxwell's Hill; alt. c.
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 is also important. The state is drained by the Perak River (c.200 mi/320 km long), which empties into the Strait of Malacca. In Perak, one of the most populous states of the federation, is the Kinta valley, an important tin-mining district. Chinese, originally employed in the mines, constitute nearly half the population of the state; Malays, including the aboriginal Sakai, and Indians constitute the remainder. Rubber, coconut, and rice are the chief products. Fishing is a major industry.

Before the 16th cent., Perak was the vassal state of the powers that in turn dominated the Malay Peninsula. After the fall of Malacca (1511), it was for a time dominated by the sultan of Aceh in Sumatra; in the 19th cent. it was invaded by Kedah at Siam's instigation. Civil war, augmented by disorders among the Chinese tin miners, plunged Perak in the 19th cent. into anarchy, and it became a British protectorate (1874). In 1896, Perak became one of the Federated Malay States, and in 1948 it became part of the Federation of Malaya. See MalaysiaMalaysia
, independent federation (2015 est. pop. 30,723,000), 128,430 sq mi (332,633 sq km), Southeast Asia. The official capital and by far the largest city is Kuala Lumpur; Putrajaya is the adminstrative capital.
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See J. F. McNair, Perak and the Malays (1878, repr. 1973).

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a state in Malaysia, in the northwestern part of the Malay Peninsula, in the Perak River basin. Area, 20,700 sq km; population, 1,562,600 (1970). The administrative center is Ipoh.

Perak is one of Malaysia’s most economically developed states. The Kinta Valley is the center for the extraction of tin ore and ilmenite, columbite, and tungsten, which are associated with tin. Perak ranks second to the state of Johor in the value of the agricultural output. Rubber trees, oil palms, coconut palms, and various fruits are raised for export, and rice is grown for domestic consumption. Perak has a small metalworking industry in Ipoh and Taiping, enterprises for primary processing of rubber, and vegetable-oil mills.

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a state of NW Peninsular Malaysia, on the Strait of Malacca: tin mining. Capital: Ipoh. Pop.: 2 051 236 (2000). Area: 20 680 sq. km (8030 sq. miles)
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