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see chloratechlorate
and perchlorate
, salts of chloric acid, HClO3, and perchloric acid, HClO4, respectively. Chloric Acid and Its Salts

Chloric acid, HClO3·7H2
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any salt of perchloric acid (HClO4). A perchlorate is colorless if its cation is colorless. Perchlorates dissolve freely in water, except potassium perchlorate (KCIO4), whose slight solubility is only 1.3 g per 100 g H2 O at 25°C. They are stable when heated to temperatures between 300° and 600°C; at higher temperatures they decompose and release oxygen, as in the reaction KCIO4 = KCl + 2O2. Among the methods for obtaining perchlorates are heating of chlorates and electrolysis of chlorate solutions. Perchlorates are used to make safety explosives; for example, KCIO4 is a stronger oxidizing agent than potassium chlorate (KCIO3) and is suitable for storage, since it does not explode upon friction or impact.


(inorganic chemistry)
A salt of perchloric acid containing the ClO4- radical; for example, potassium perchlorate, KClO4.
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We show spectra for water ice, liquid water, hydrated calcium perchlorate, calcium perchlorate brine, saturated calcium perchlorate brine and hydrated (solid) calcium perchlorate that has been dried out from a solution.
We focus on the Raman spectroscopic regions of the perchlorate symmetric stretching band at ~900-1000 [cm.
Any perchlorate salts in the heated sample decompose as the temperature goes above 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit) and release pure oxygen.
At one point, to further facilitate its perchlorates disposal, the company hooked itself up to a public sewer line.
In 1952, the California Central Valley Regional Water Pollution Control Board issued a resolution specifically intended to block further dumping of perchlorates into local groundwater or the nearby American River.
Here are all these perchlorate salts right under them, by a few centimeters, is a slab of (water ice).
Based on a clinical study of patients receiving perchlorate long term, the NAS established the NOAEL as 0.
Data SYNTHESIS: We used a weight-of-the-evidence approach to evaluate perchlorate risks, paying particular attention to sensitive life stages.
4] and TSH that included perchlorate and covariates known to be or likely to be associated with [T.