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(vertebrate zoology)
The typical spiny-rayed fishes, comprising the largest order of vertebrates; characterized by fin spines, a swim bladder without a duct, usually ctenoid scales, and 17 or fewer caudal fin rays.



an order of fishes. In a number of species, such as the pike perch and the Eurasian perch, the swim bladder is attached to the intestinal tract only in the prelarval state; in some species the swim bladder is absent. The ventral fins are usually under or in front of the pectorals, and there are generally two dorsal fins. The fins, as a rule, have spiny rays.

Remains of Perciformes are known from Upper Cretaceous deposits. Not counting Scorpaeniformes, which are often classified as a separate order, Perciformes contains more than 150 families. There are approximately 6,000 species, making up 16 suborders. Most families are in the suborders Percoidei (about 75) and Blennioidei (about 20). Species of Percoidei distributed in the waters of the USSR are the Chinese perch (Siniperca chuatsi), the Eurasian perch, the pike perch, the Volga pike perch (Lucioperca volgensis), the horse mackerel, sciaenids, the bluefish, Diplodus, and mullet. Fishes of the suborder Blennioidei found in the USSR include the sticklebacks, wolffishes, and eelpouts. Fishes of the suborders Scombreidae (Atlantic mackerel, Atlantic bonito, tuna, swordfish), Gobioidei (Gobiidae), and Trichiuridae (Trichiurus japonicus) also inhabit the waters of the USSR.

Many species of Perciformes are commercially valuable. Particularly important in international commerce are sciaenids, tuna, and mackerel. Some species, such as the largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides), are raised in ponds.


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