Perederii, Grigorii Petrovich

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Perederii, Grigorii Petrovich


Born Sept. 29 (Oct. 11), 1871, in Eisk; died Dec. 14, 1953, in Moscow. Soviet specialist in bridge building and structural mechanics. Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1943). Member of the CPSU from 1939.

Perederii graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of Railroad Engineers in 1897. His teaching career began in 1902 at the Moscow Engineering School. He took up a position at the St. Petersburg Institute of Railroad Engineers in 1907 and later taught at other institutes. In 1901 he organized the publication of the journal Inzhenernoe delo, which presented new technical ideas for structural engineering problems.

Perederii’s principal works dealt with the theory and design of bridges. He provided a number of valuable engineering solutions for problems of erecting prefabricated bridges, of industrial operating methods, and of the use of electric welding in bridge building. In Leningrad between 1932 and 1938 he directed the construction of the Volodarskii Bridge, which was made of reinforced concrete with tubular reinforcement for the arches, and the rebuilding of the Lieutenant Shmidt Bridge, which was an all-welded structure. Perederii developed new methods of teaching courses on bridges and was the first to draw attention to the design of a bridge structure as a whole. He was the author of a number of textbooks on bridges.

Perederii received the State Prize of the USSR in 1943. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, five other orders, and several medals.


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