Pereiaslavl Principality

Pereiaslavl’ (Zalesskii) Principality


a feudal principality in Rus’ in the 12th and 13th centuries. It had as its center the city of Pereiaslavl’-Zalesskii near Suzdal’ and included the land around Lake Pleshcheevo.

The principality was created in 1175 by Vsevolod Bol’shoe Gnezdo. Sacked by the Tatars in 1238, it was the scene of a popular anti-Tatar uprising in 1262. From 1263 to 1294 it was ruled by Alexander Nevsky’s son Prince Dmitrii Aleksandrovich, who became grand prince of Vladimir in 1276 and made Pereiaslavl’ his capital; the principality reached its greatest development during this period. When Prince Ivan Dmitrievich died without direct heirs in 1302, it passed to his uncle Daniil Aleksandrovich, the prince of Moscow.