Perestiani, Ivan

Perestiani, Ivan Nikolaevich


Born Apr. 1 (13), 1870, in Taganrog; died May 14, 1959, in Moscow. Soviet film director and actor. People’s Artist of the Georgian SSR (1949).

Perestiani became a stage actor in 1886. Beginning in 1916 he was well known as a film actor, appearing in such films as Coachman, Don’t Urge On the Horses, The Chess Game of Life, and The Old Wrestler’s Wrist Power. In 1920 he moved to Georgia, where he helped found Soviet Georgian cinematography. He directed the historical revolutionary film Arsen Dzhordzhiashvili (The Murder of General Griaznov, 1921). Perestiani’s most important work was the heroic romantic adventure film The Red Imps (1923), based on P. A. Bliakhin’s novella. His other films included The Surami Fortress (1923), Three Lives (1925), Zamallu (1930), and Anush (1931). Beginning in 1933 he devoted himself chiefly to acting, appearing in such Georgian films as Arsen, Georgii Saakadze, and David-Bek. Perestiani was awarded three orders and several medals.


75 let zhizni v iskusstve. Moscow, 1962.