Perfect Set

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perfect set

[′pər·fikt ′set]
A set in a topological space which equals its set of accumulation points.

Perfect Set


a closed set without isolated points, that is, a closed set identical with the set of its limit points. The Cantor set is the classic example of a perfect set that is everywhere nondense. Any nonempty perfect set in Euclidean space has the power of the continuum.

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His mouth was large, but compressed, and possessing a great share of expression and character, and, when opened, it discovered a perfect set of short, strong, and regular teeth.
It's the perfect set up for an afternoon snooze in the sun.
CHICAGO, July 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Nine vocal students have just graduated from the Bloom School of Jazz's Perfect Set Recording Project (http://bloomschoolofjazz.
It's not recommended for library lending but is a perfect set for New Age seers and any tarot user seeking a different approach.
The Covering Property Axiom, CPA; a combinatorial core of the iterated perfect set model.
It is the perfect set to get started and isn't going to damage the pocket too badly in doing so.
NEW YORK -- Better wireless networks, devices and operating systems are creating a perfect set of circumstances for telematics to flourish across the globe, according to a new Visant Strategies study.
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But a perfect set differs from player to player, so that must be taken into account.