Perfect Set

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perfect set

[′pər·fikt ′set]
A set in a topological space which equals its set of accumulation points.

Perfect Set


a closed set without isolated points, that is, a closed set identical with the set of its limit points. The Cantor set is the classic example of a perfect set that is everywhere nondense. Any nonempty perfect set in Euclidean space has the power of the continuum.

References in classic literature ?
But instead of either of these, he saw nothing but a strange face, sunburnt, and encircled by a beard, with eyes brilliant as carbuncles, and a smile upon the mouth which displayed a perfect set of white teeth, pointed and sharp as the wolf's or jackal's.
His mouth was large, but compressed, and possessing a great share of expression and character, and, when opened, it discovered a perfect set of short, strong, and regular teeth.
It's the perfect set up for an afternoon snooze in the sun.
It's not recommended for library lending but is a perfect set for New Age seers and any tarot user seeking a different approach.
The Covering Property Axiom, CPA; a combinatorial core of the iterated perfect set model.
present a new axiom of set theory they call the Covering Property Axiom, CPA, and show how it is consistent with the usual ZFC axioms, and is not only true in the iterated perfect set Sacks model but actually captures its combinatorial core.
It is the perfect set to get started and isn't going to damage the pocket too badly in doing so.
NEW YORK -- Better wireless networks, devices and operating systems are creating a perfect set of circumstances for telematics to flourish across the globe, according to a new Visant Strategies study.
IF one of your New Year's Resolutions was to look after yourself more, then LUSH have the perfect set of gifts.
A large array of scenarios and input data can be used to create the perfect set of leads for any mortgage lendereIUs desired outcome.
But a perfect set differs from player to player, so that must be taken into account.