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In telegraph practice, a device for punching code signals in paper tape for application to a tape transmitter.
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a prehistoric tool in the form of a pointed stick made of wood or bone. The upper portion is either thickened or shaped into a figure and sometimes has an opening for hanging. During the Stone Age, the perforator was used to make holes for sewing skins; later, it was also used to decorate clay vessels. As the use of iron spread, bone and wood perforators were replaced by the metal awl.

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Superiority of medial circumflex femoral artery perforator flap in scrotal reconstruction.
Perforator flaps rose as an alternative to free tissue transfer in patients in whom the complications toll is high: comorbidities including peripheral vascular disease, thrombosis and ischemia, loss of major vessels of the limb to microsurgery or extensive trauma or multiple surgeries, partial or total flap loss.
In the dual LAD system, short LAD give rise to septal perforators and the diagonals originates from the LAD proper or long LAD.
To explore the relationships between the formaldehyde control methods (1 [m.sup.3] chamber, DMC, and perforator), linear regression analysis was employed.
We believe that vascularized interposition should be routinely used and, in particular, that the DUA adipofascial perforator flap is a valuable treatment option for distal RUS.
We avoid any perforator in scar tissue, as injury is more likely and dissection more difficult.
The 180-degree perforator-based propeller flap for soft tissue coverage of the distal, lower extremity: A new method to achieve reliable coverage of the distal lower extremity with a local, fasciocutaneous perforator flap.
A clear understanding of the vascular anatomy of a perforator flap is mandatory, and the perforasome concept helps to achieve this understanding.
The flaps we used were sural flaps (n=50), pedicled gastrocnemius flap (n = 26), pedicled fibular perforator flaps (n = 45), free anterolateral thigh perforator flaps (n = 23), free DIEP 3flaps (n = 3), and free thoracodorsal artery perforator flaps (n= 5).
The vena cava was not lacerated or transected: perforator veins that joined the lymph fat pad were unintentionally pulled out.