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a. an additional payment made to employees as a means of increasing production
b. (as modifier): an incentive scheme


A discount, contribution, or amenity offered to a lessee of a property or facility.
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Performance incentives have been further rationalized and increased after feedback from Pakistan players.
While Rs500,000 bonus has series win bonus has been given across the board to each of the members of the squad and Rs350,000 to everyone in team management and support staff, other than Misbah and Younis, five other standout performers have also been rewarded with performance incentives as well.
Including performance incentives in the funding formula has potential for improving performance but can also pose challenges.
If he achieved all of his performance incentives - and there are almost 60 subcategories, ranging from bonuses for Oregon winning a national championship or achieving a graduation rate of 100 percent to a bonus of $2,000 for winning the Civil War - Kelly could earn $556,250 this year, not counting the signing bonus.
This contract includes cost, schedule, and performance incentives designed to ensure CVN 21 requirements are met at an affordable price.
Implementation of budget achievement criteria to motivate site performance is in process, as is the establishment of site leadership performance incentives.
Project: performance incentives in the compensation contracts of nonprofit hospital CEOs.
This budget allocation includes all collateral/brochures, program development, media costs and sales office overhead expenses; plus base compensation and performance incentives for sales and marketing staff.
2 million annually in salary, a free house, vacation trips, performance incentives and stock options in the Walt Disney Co.
It funds completion of the fifth and sixth satellites in the SBIRS system, and includes performance incentives and options for acoustic testing, launch operations an early on-orbit testing
GAO was asked to assess, for major departmental projects, (1) DOE's use of performance incentives to effectively control costs and maintain schedules, (2) the reliability of the data DOE uses to monitor and assess contractor performance, and (3) the reliability of the Project Assessment and Reporting System (PARS) data that senior managers use for project oversight.
Motorists in eight square miles of the capital's centre will be monitored from February by a network of spy cameras which will alert clamping teams, who will work on performance incentives.

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