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a. an additional payment made to employees as a means of increasing production
b. (as modifier): an incentive scheme


A discount, contribution, or amenity offered to a lessee of a property or facility.
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Founded in 1980 in Cambridge, MA, HMI Performance Incentives is a global leader in designing and managing sales and customer incentive solutions.
Without a robust standard, the report contends, insurance and annuity providers will continue to offer performance incentives that influence product recommendation -- to the detriment of retirement savers.
Evidence-Based Guidelines As a Foundation For Performance Incentives.
Pay for Performance incentives play a key role in helping to make such long-term investments a reality.
Performance incentives have been further rationalized and increased after feedback from Pakistan players.
While Rs500,000 bonus has series win bonus has been given across the board to each of the members of the squad and Rs350,000 to everyone in team management and support staff, other than Misbah and Younis, five other standout performers have also been rewarded with performance incentives as well.
This research examined postsecondary policy in Louisiana, which utilizes performance incentives, in order to: (a) provide clear distinctions among three commonly used types of performance incentives, and (b) use performance indicators defined in the LA GRAD Act to determine if Louisiana policy is primarily faculty oriented, state oriented, or client oriented.
Some performance management aspects examined include financial performance incentives and performance measurement of Federal Workforce Development programs.
Hargreaves joined for a basic salary of pounds 20,000 a week, plus performance incentives.
Be sure to provide meaningful performance incentives for your employees.
Springer, director of the National Center on Performance Incentives at Vanderbilt University, presents this volume of research by education scholars addressing the critical issues related to the advancing, yet still controversial, strategy of merit pay for teachers.
GAO was asked to: (1) examine the extent to which the current formula meets generally accepted equity standards, (2) present options for revising the formula, and (3) identify issues to consider with incorporating performance incentives into the formula.

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