Performance Specifications

Performance specifications

Specifications that delineate the results to be achieved rather than the specific methods or materials to be used.

Performance Specifications


the initial document for the designing of a structure, industrial complex, or engineering device, such as an instrument, machine, or control system, or for conducting scientific research. The performance specifications contain feasibility reports for development, the basic specifications for the structure or article, and the initial data needed for design. They state the purpose of the project, the area of use, the development stages and composition of design documentation, and completion deadlines, as well as special requirements resulting from specific features of the project itself or the project’s operating conditions. The performance specifications are usually drawn up on the basis of analysis of the results of preliminary research, calculations, and modeling.

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The company has not yet confirmed performance specifications for the line-up.
The distinction between the three types of specifications is important because the warranty created by the Spearin doctrine covers design and purchase description specifications, but not performance specifications.
with manufacturers performance specifications and the minimum requirements
The performance specifications of these FOGs are ideal for platform stabilization in camera systems used for optical targeting in aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and gun systems.
Key advantages are said to include the following: Runs all passenger and light track tire and wheel assemblies through on-screen real time waveform analysis and on-line diagnostics or troubleshooting tools; ergonomically designed and easy to use, providing quick maintenance and ease of use through touchscreen commands; best machine performance specifications in the industry through patented technology; and open framed design gives easy access to all critical parts of the machinery, according to the company.
"This means that it meets the performance specifications for a larger number of components than any other FTIR in this market," commented Quantitech MD Ken Roberts.
RF performance specifications for DAS Shield(TM) already are incorporated in iBwave[R] Design in drop-down menus so that system planners can model in heat maps the 'Before' and 'After' effects of applying the RF shielding in the RF design phase.
They stream 20-W continuous power per channel without a heat sink, and they are said to deliver the industry's best performance specifications, including THD+N of 0.03 percent at 1 W, crosstalk of-92 dB, and 66-uV idle channel noise.
Both are portable benchtop units that share the same performance specifications and standard high-capacity SD flash memory data storage.
Manufacturers of building products, in particular, benefit from the availability of the satin sheen as it meets the performance specifications set by American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2603-02 for metal building products, according to the company.
In 1992 12 hospitals were involved in trials to determine appropriate applications and performance specifications and several specialists reported that they recognised that the Voxgrams gave improved depth recognition for surgical planning.
Although it is small and compact, it has the same performance specifications as larger Coriolis flowmeters.

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