motion capture

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motion capture

(1) See gesture recognition.

(2) The entering of a movement pattern into the computer. For example, if a person, hooked up to sensors, goes through the act of batting a ball, that motion trail can be used to simulate a more realistic baseball player in the computer.

Capturing Live Motion in Real Time
The ULTRATRAK PRO system from Polhemus provides a series of wearable sensors that captures motion in six degrees of freedom (6DOF). The sensors connect via Ethernet, and the ULTRATRAK PRO software interfaces with 3D animation programs to provide real-time capture of the person's movements. (Image courtesy of Polhemus, Inc.)
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Just seeing the changes from motion capture to performance capture, which was basically a change from just capturing the body to capturing the face and facial expressions.
I've seen performance capture in films and incredible work from people like Andy Serkis.
"The biggest thing on the performance capture side was that we completely overhauled all of our equipment so that we could take it not just on location but out into the elements," says visual effects supervisor Dan Lemmon.
Shooting a film of this scope and scale in native 3D, coupled with the complex performance capture work amidst stunning yet challenging exterior locations was exponentially more difficult than what had been achieved on Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
Post-production for the film, which uses performance capture, was previously blamed for the delays.
"Solid Track is great addition for us," states Brett Ineson, President of Animatrik, who goes on to say, "It's a perfect complement to our range of performance capture solutions we have developed for shooting on location and outdoors."
Ashwin has directed the film, which will be India's first performance capture photo- realistic animated film.
After his presentation, he was presented with an award for his trailblazing work in the art of performance capture by Shaikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
The Imaginarium is a London-based studio, co-founded by actor/director Andy Serkis and film producer Jonathan Cavendish, offering performance capture consultancy and production services.
All those youthful images etched on his brain came in handy when he had to play Tintin on the nakedly austere white-and-grey stage set up for the computerized performance capture.
It features a character creation from start to scratch, teaching how to build the body, use Maya to help the character show emotion, create body parts and clothing, and animate using Performance Capture. A companion DVD features real videos with tools, professional shaders, and more.

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