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a. an additional payment made to employees as a means of increasing production
b. (as modifier): an incentive scheme


A discount, contribution, or amenity offered to a lessee of a property or facility.
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An example of this is a provider whose mammogram percentage in 2012 was 43%, if in 2013 the provider gets their mammogram rate up to 70%, yet to qualify for a bonus the provider had to be at 75%, what was achieved by the performance incentive program is a frustrated provider who more than likely will not put forth as much effort in the following years to achieve higher quality.
LAHORE -- Chairman PCB Shaharyar Mohammad Khan has approved bonus and performance incentives totalling Rs14.
NGCP had claimed a net performance incentive reward of P754.
Despite the proliferation of pay-for-performance (P4P) and other performance incentive programs, data on whether they work to improve quality are scant and, where data exist, the results have been mixed.
His guaranteed supplemental package this year is an additional $185,000, consisting of a retention bonus of $25,000, a product endorsement supplement of $50,000, the minimum performance incentive bonus of $100,000 and an estimated $10,000 from Oregon's football camp.
The latest version of Advent Partner has been enhanced with functionality that increases its allocation flexibility, including two new aggregate methods; sidepocket enhancements for reinvesting income; and locked-in performance incentive fee accruals to show the "change in" performance fee on a periodic basis.
Tembec operates a number of programs that assist the company in reaching its objectives, including performance incentive programs.
Servicers attaining specified performance thresholds with their foreclosure timeline performance are eligible for this additional performance incentive.
4% (pounds 211m) rise in the Assembly's cash support to local authorities, plus pounds 30m in Performance Incentive Grant and pounds 20m Deprivation Grant.
Next, Howard Risher provides a detailed case study of a model performance incentive plan recently instituted in one of the General Services Administration's major operating components.
Also in discussion is the possibility of performance incentive in the contract for water inflow into the tunnels.
Mojave was the only district in the Antelope Valley to receive money from the Certificated Staff Performance Incentive award program.

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