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Law the legal standing or condition of a person


  1. any stable position within a social system associated with specific expectations, rights and duties. 'Status’ in this sense is equivalent to ROLE, although it is the latter term which has the wider currency.
  2. the positive or negative honour, prestige, power, etc., attaching to a position, or an individual person, within a system of SOCIAL STRATIFICATION (often referred to as social status).
Both conceptions derive from forms of society in which individual social locations were relatively fixed (see ASCRIBED STATUS, MAINE), for example by religion or by law (see CASTE, ESTATE). In modern societies status positions tend to be more fluid. See also STATUS GROUP, CLASS, STATUS AND PARTY, SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS, STATUS CONSISTENCY AND INCONSISTENCY.



in the Hamito-Semitic languages, a grammatical category of the noun that determines whether the noun is definite and whether it has a relationship with other parts of the sentence; in particular, whether the noun has a genitival attribute. A noun’s status also indicates possession, as in Arabic - i(”my”), and demonstrativeness, as in Somali -k-an (”this,” masculine) and -t-an (”this,” feminine). The category of status exists in the Semitic, Coptic, Berber, Cushitic and Chad languages. It is expressed by means of suffixes, prefixes, internal inflection, and distinctions in declensional paradigms.


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Taken together, availability of data, patient performance status and drug accessibility all appear to play important roles in treatment selection in mRCC.
For example, the Spanish trial only enrolled patients with performance status 0 or 1 [17].
Improved outcome was also highly correlative with a good performance status and raised the question whether these patients would have done well with just chemotherapy and radiation alone.
05) for shorter OS were: ECOG performance status [greater than or equal to]2; symptoms; no prior nephrectomy; microscopic necrosis; number of metastatic sites [greater than or equal to]2; presence of liver, bone, or pancreas metastasis; hemoglobin less than the lower limit of normal (LLN); and serum AKP greater than the upper limit of normal (ULN) among factors at initiation of targeted therapy, as well as the relative dose intensity of the targeting agent in the first month (1M-RDI) of <50%.
Decision Resources' new Emerging Markets Physician & Payer Forum report entitled Emerging Markets Physician & Payer Forum: Payer and Clinician Perspectives on the Role of Premium-Priced Angiogenesis Inhibitors in Brazil and Mexico also finds that--in line with interviewed payer insights--surveyed prescribers of Roche/Genentech/Chugai's Avastin in Brazil and Mexico identify patients with good performance status as prime candidates for Avastin treatment, along with younger patients and those without comorbidities.
BC patients appeared to have a worse performance status, with 41% with a ECOG [greater than or equal to]2.
The only risk factors for poor outcome were poor performance status (defined as ECOG [Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group] performance status of grade 2 or greater) and a history of arterial thrombotic events.
According to the new report entitled New Therapies Entering the Market May Raise Hurdles: A Malignant Melanoma Study, both ipilimumab and ticilimumab offer clinicians more freedom in treatment design based on the individual patient's performance status.
STELLAR 3 is a phase III clinical trial of carboplatin in combination with either XYOTAX or paclitaxel for the potential front-line treatment of poor performance status (PS2) patients with NSCL cancer.
Response to therapy was evaluated as no change, but the patien t's general condition (Zubrod performance status score = 1), and the pleural lesion did not change for 21 months.
DISCUS Connect users can login to the server, review workflow notifications and performance status, and approve requirements about a part or FAI, including the Bill of Documents and Bill of Characteristics.
Conservative treatment was chosen because the fistula tract was suspected to be imperceptible and the patient's performance status was poor: Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) Performance Status (PS) grade 4.

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