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(1) Products that are used to scent skin, hair, and clothing; they may also be used as hygienic fresheners. In ancient times only natural products, such as essential oils, balsams, and resins, were used as perfumes. With the development of organic chemistry, synthetic aromatic substances have been used along with essential oils and such animal products as ambergris and musk in the manufacture of perfumes.

Perfumes are basically alcohol or water-alcohol solutions made from mixtures of various aromatic substances known as perfume blends. They are packaged in decorative glass or plastic vials. Some perfumes are available in aerosol form. Perfumers today manufacture a wide range of perfume blends, which reproduce the delicate aroma of flowers or leaves or create new scents that are not found in nature.

The most popular types of perfumery are perfume, cologne, and toilet water. Less common is cream perfume. Sachets, small bags containing a perfumed powder, are used to scent linen. Perfume blends are used as scenting agents in the manufacture of cosmetics, toilet soap, detergents, and other household products.

(2) The branch of industry engaged in the manufacture of perfume.


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