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The pumping of a fluid through a tissue or organ by way of an artery.
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a method of passing physiological solutions, blood, blood substitutes, or other fluids through the blood vessels of an organ, a part of the body, or the entire body. Perfusion may be performed on organs completely removed from the body or on organs within the body but isolated from the general vascular system. Widely used in experimental physiology, it permits preservation of the vital activities of organs for a certain period, enabling the study of organ functions and of the effect of hormones, mediators, enzymes, and medicinal substances on physiological systems and the entire body. The method is used in various branches of surgery, including transplantation of organs and tissues. Perfusion of the entire body is used, for example, during heart surgery.

The term “perfusion” also designates the supplying of blood to organs of the body under natural conditions (for example, perfusion of the kidneys, brain, or other organs), which is determined by the state of cardiac activity and local vascular tonus.

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The perfusion market is growing pervasively mainly attributing to the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases associated with lungs, heart, liver, and kidneys which are the result of changing lifestyle.
According to the company, Perfadex has been the market standard for lung preservation for more than 15 years and has been marketed by XVIVO Perfusion since 1999.
Accurate noninvasive limb perfusion assessment is necessary for timely diagnosis and to reduce unnecessary invasive procedures in patients with adequate blood flow or among those with venous, neuropathic, or pressure ulcers.
For each infection experiment, whole stock of pneumococci was thawed on ice and inoculated into the circuit 1 h after the start of perfusion.
Seventy-six kidneys were classified into the following two groups based on whether the perfusate pressure was increased during pulsatile pump perfusion, for both the constant pressure (CP) group (40 patients) and increased pressure (IP) group (36 patients).
Sartorius and Repligen will further collaborate to equip SSB's recently launched ambr 250ht perfusion single-se mini bioreactor system with Repligen's KrosFlo hollow fiber filter technology.
In addition, the facility includes both traditional fed-batch operations and new continuous perfusion suites coupled with continuous purification, one of the first next-generation manufacturing platforms to be implemented in the global biologics industry.
We hypothesized that perfusion in the affected lower extremities of children with clubfoot would be measurably different from both the unaffected lower extremities of children with clubfoot as well as the lower extremities of children without clubfoot.
Therefore, it is necessary to quantify the cell drag and the final cell number in perfusion bioreactors to produce tissue substitutes that fit the quality standard required in a medical environment.