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The fibrous connective tissue covering cartilage, except at joints.
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connective tissue that invests cartilage. Perichondrial cells become differentiated into cartilaginous cells at the same time as the dense homogeneous basic matter of the cartilage forms. In young organisms the perichondrium is converted to periosteum in the process of the development of bone from cartilage.

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Considering this physiological principle connective tissue grafts, which are grafts of mesodermal origin like fascia, vein and perichondrium are superior to all other graft materials.
Various techniques have been used in failed cases of Tympanoplasty including office procedure using Trichloroacetic acid, [9] fat patching, [10] revision surgery using perichondrium or various other graft material with varying results.
Due to these reasons, we looked for an alternate approach to remove perichondrium. As an efficient and well-controlled tool targeting tissue removal, cryosurgery is being performed by many dermatologists in their everyday practice (6).
One of the possible risk factors of failed tympanoplasty is persistent negative middle ear pressure, in which fascia and perichondrium grafting might not be sufficiently robust.
The peculiarity of the ear cartilage is that it is very thin and is covered on its anterolateral aspect by an equally thin layer of subcutaneous tissue and skin which is tightly adherent to the perichondrium. This cartilage has no intrinsic blood supply and depends on diffusion from perichondrium which, in turn, depends on overlying skin for vascularity.
A blunt needle (A same size needle reshaped into a blunt tip) will reenter the thyroid canal and push the ELT on the inner perichondrium which will show a protuberance [Figure 2]B: a'] on the endolarynx.
The flap was elevated up to the hyoid bone on the fascia of the thyroid gland and the laryngeal perichondrium, infrahyoid muscles were cut from the body of the hyoid bone and dissection was advanced laterally to expose the pedicle.
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Right ear lobe biopsy was done and showed a mixed inflammatory infiltrate of the perichondrium composed of plasma cells, lymphocytes, histiocytes and neutrophils, and loss of the cartilage basophilia.
Avulsion of the tibial tubercle can occur when the traction force on the patellar ligament exceeds the combined strength of the physes underlying the tubercle, the surrounding perichondrium, and the adjacent periosteum [3].