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The outer investment of the sporophore of many fungi.



the outer envelope of the fruiting bodies of various fungi. The peridium may consist of one or several layers of cells. The structure of the peridium in some ascomycetous fungi is an important taxonomic characteristic.

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In addition, other ascomata, protected by a peridium with small and flat warts with surface weekly striated in horizontal sense, having a pleasant fungal odour, an exosporim reticulum like that of T.
External surface of truffle peridium was observed at 25x with a Zeiss stereomicroscope.
According to Jeng and Korf [9], the ascocarps are likewise lightly coloured, the peridium is composed of texture globulosa to angularis like the excipulum in species of Coprotus and the ascospores at maturity are hyaline with a conspicuous de Bary bubble.
Peridium erect often shrinking away from the host, dehiscing irregularly at top and becoming revolute; peridial cells hyaline, rhomboid to rectangular, 18-28 x 12-18 [micro]m, inner walls 2-3 [micro]m thick with coarsely verrucose surfaces, tubercles forming humps or short ridges occasionally giving a striate appearance, especially on outerwalls which are 4-6 [micro]m thick.
ochrogleba Zeller, which has a basidioma of the same shape, peridium duplex and similar size and colour, but the capillitium is pitted and subglobose to almost spherical, spores without crests (Zeller 1947), and C.
Sciessent, the creator of naturally occurring silver-based antimicrobial brand Agion, partnered with Diamond Vogel to offer the Peridium Powder Coatings line.
7 x 15-40 mm; a single sorus has one central columella of host tissue and an early rupturing peridium.
Sciessent, creator of naturally occurring silver-based antimicrobial brand Agion has partnered with Diamond Vogel, a manufacturer of industrial coatings, to offer the Peridium Powder Coatings line.