Perilla Oil

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perilla oil

[pə′ril·ə ‚ȯil]
A light-yellow drying oil derived from seeds of mints of the genus Perilla ; soluble in alcohol, benzene, carbon disulfide, ether, and chloroform; used as a substitute for linseed oil, as an edible oil, and in manufacture of varnishes and artificial leather.

Perilla Oil


a fatty vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the oil plant Perilla ocymoides. The oil contains 65–70 percent linolenic acid, approximately 16 percent linoleic acid, 14–23 percent oleic acid, and 6–7 percent saturated acids. The unsaturated fatty acid content is higher than that of linseed oil. The iodine number is 190–206. The pour point is –30° C. Perilla oil is used primarily in the manufacture of film-forming substances and such translucent paper as parchment.

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Deep Ocean Caviar is derived from North Atlantic Herring Roe (herring eggs) combined with algae-sourced astaxanthin and Verilla vegetarian ALA perilla seed oil.
Pads contain perilla seed oil, flaxseed and apricot kernel botanical oils to strengthen and nourish nails while removing polish.
Beauty Ingredients: Borage oil, cranberry oil, evening primrose oil, flax seed oil, olive oil, perilla seed oil, pomegranate oil, rose hip seed oil, sunflower oil, omega 3 fatty acids
Called Zanthin XP-3 astaxanthin, the new product combines Valensa's Zanthin natural astaxanthin with a supercritical extract of perilla seed oil, 02B peroxidation blocker stabilization system and sunflower-based phospholipids in a synergistic formulation that enhances the human body's absorption of the astaxanthin.