Perino del Vaga

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Perino del Vaga

(pārē`nō dĕl vä`gä) or

Pierino del Vaga

(pyārē`nō), 1500–1547, Italian mannerist painter, whose real name was Perino or Pierino Buonaccorsi. He worked chiefly in Rome and Genoa. He worked for Raphael in the loggia of the Vatican and painted the figures of the planets in the Appartamenti Borgi. After the sack of Rome (1527) he fled to Genoa, where his chief paintings were the very fine historical and mythological frescoes of the Doria Palace (partially destroyed), including War of the Gods and Giants. Shortly after 1536 he returned to Rome, under the patronage of Pope Paul III, and worked on the decorations of the Sala della Segnatura in the Vatican and the Sala Regia.

Vaga, Perino del:

see Perino del VagaPerino del Vaga
or Pierino del Vaga
, 1500–1547, Italian mannerist painter, whose real name was Perino or Pierino Buonaccorsi. He worked chiefly in Rome and Genoa.
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Two years earlier, Perino del Vaga had executed a commission honoring Pope Paul III as the new Alexander the Great in the Sala Paolina.
In Michelangelo's Mirror: Perino del Vaga, Daniele da Volterra, Pellegrino Tibaldi
In this 2-volume catalogue, the first of a 3-part series, the drawings, copies, or retouching that Rubens made of works by Raphael, Giulio Romano, Polidoro da Caravaggio, and Perino del Vaga are described.
Sometimes images are discussed but not illustrated, including items not easily accessible, such as Perino del Vaga's design for a tapestry to hang on the wall below the fresco (41).
As Michelangelo did few drawings of decorative objects, museum scholars thought it was by his contemporary, Perino del Vaga.
museum scholars long thought the drawing was by Perino del Vaga, a contemporary of Michelangelo's known for his drawings of design objects.
The book also provides details of Raphael's influence on his pupils such as Giulio Romano, Perino del Vaga and Caravaggio, that painter of excess who rather liked Bacchic orgies - the 16th century equivalent of an acid house rave-up.
The last main section, "On the Development of the Monumentalized Grotesque and its Metaphoric-Poetic Principle in the Sixteenth Century," proceeds from the premise that the rediscovery of the grotesque was of fundamental importance for the stylistic development of decorative systems from the late fifteenth century onward, examples of which - by Pinturicchio, Filippino Lippi, Michelangelo, Raphael, Perino del Vaga, Francesco Salviati and Annibale Carracci - are then analyzed.
It also found the Metropolitan Museum of Art buying--securing at Sotheby's New York both a painting (well preserved but filthy) and a spectacular drawing by Raphael's most talented associate, Perino del Vaga (1501-47).
Flick traces the succession through Perino del Vaga, who worked for Andrea Doria in Genoa, to Prospero Fontana from Bologna, who assisted Perino and in turn taught Lodovico and Agostino Carracci.
Jean Luc-Baroni has recently sold a beautiful red-chalk drawing of a young soldier after Michelangelo by Salviati (1510-63) to a private collector, and is currently offering an expressive sheet of pen and ink figure studies by Perino del Vaga (1501-47).